Baby Boomer end shot

How to get the Perfect Baby Boomer using Pigment.

The Baby Boomer Nail has been around a while now but it is still as popular as ever as a full set or part of a nail design.

Though it feels like it should be really easy to create, it can be really quite tricky.

If you use Gel Polish you have to blend the 2 solid creme colours in the middle with an ombre or liner brush and you can go too far or end of seeing the strokes. If you use the wrong sponge applicator you can get bubbles or it not quite blend properly.

Creating a Baby Boomer with L&P can be Justas frustrating because if you get the thickness of product wrong creating the blend, then when you file the nail you can file through your blend and it ruins the perfect look you spent time achieving…and there’s no getting that back once you’ve filed through it! #brutal

So even though I can achieve a Baby Boomer using the Gel Polish, or Acrylic no problem… I choose the guaranteed, no fear method… Pigment!

When I’m doing celebrity clients, and nails for photo shoots, I need to ensure the nails are all perfect and all the same across the hands!

Be Creative has the perfect pigments for you in the Primary Collection. Just grab some water a mixing palette, and the white and red from the Be Creative Primary Pigment Collection. All you’ll need otherwise is a white gel polish to create the perfect base for the design and a Gel Polish Top Coat. Sam and my favourite is Mystic Nails Joker Shine, a super glossy, no cleanse top coat that does it all!

So here is the video showing you how to create your own new pink pigment, which is super easy and how I use pigment to quickly create the Baby Boomer every time, no fear!

See below the How To video, for the step by step instructions and links to all of the products used.

Step by Step:

My Top Tip: It’s best to create your pink pigment ahead of time, because the water needs to evaporate and leave you with a new pigment powder.

  1. Make the pink pigment. Mix a little white primary pigment on your mixing palette with water to make a paint.
  2. Pick up a TINY dot of red primary pigment and mix thoroughly to the white paint you’ve just created.
  3. Let the water evaporate for an hour or 2, then scrape the pigment into a powder
  4. Using an appliqué brush, and the inhibition layer of a cured white gel polish, ‘bounce’ the white primary pigment over the zone 1 area moving and blending up towards zone 2
  5. pick up a small amount of your new pink pigment and bounce it from zone 3 down to meet the white pigment in the centre of the nail.
  6. Pick up a TINY bit more white pigment as needed and blend over the area where the pink meets the white to blend it perfectly.
  7. DUST off any excess pigment using a really soft fluffy brush so as not to damage to pigment layer.
  8. Apply Gel Top Coat and cure – My fave is MN Joker Shine!

My Top Tip: Don’t add too much pigment, just use what you have on your brush to blend down into nothing as you move towards the centre of the nail.

This is my sure fire method of application!