Velveteen – Sweetie Wrapper


The textured nail art for soft fluffy nails!

Quick and easy to apply and gets your nails noticed

See description for best application instructions.



For best results apply using a no-cleanse gel polish top coat, we recommend Mystic Nails Joker Shine!

  1. Apply 1 coat of a similar colour gel polish to the velveteen colour you are applying and cure
  2. Apply a generous coat of Joker Shine to the nails – don’t cure yet!
  3. ‘Heap’ some velveteen over the wet joker shine
  4. Tap the knuckle of the finger gently to release excess Velveteen from the nail
  5. Cure

Velveteen washes and dries no problem! However it is a temporary nail art and gently wears away after 3-4 days.

Can be applied to regular polish top coats or even resin!



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