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Be Creative with The Nail Art Pen

Sam was at a college one day teaching a masterclass to the nail students, and there was a young girl struggling to create the swirls, Sam was teaching using a brush…

If I could put a pen in her hand, she would have drawn the design no problem!

The concept of The Nail Art Pen was born.

It took a lot of research and development on our part, because a traditional dip one works with inks which are thin, watery consistency, but transparent… we wanted ours to work with the nail art paints we love.

After a lot of trialling and testing we worked with our supplier to create the perfect delivery system for applying nail art paint and we launched The Nail Art Pen we still sell hundreds of per year!

You dip it into our specifically designed viscosity nail art paints, gently remove any excess from the underside of the nib, and before taking it to the nail, we prime it by firmly but gently pressing the nib onto paper and pushing back and forth to get the paint flowing. This step is really important to make sure you have a good pressure and you have the paint ready to go.

Now you can go to town and draw anything you want on your nails…even write your name or a message!

The Nail Art Pen by Be Creative

To clean: Use a strong solution of washing up liquid and water, rinse and leave to dry. Your Be Creative Nail Art Paint will glide off the nib next time you use it.

Best advice is to get 2! so you can keep one for white paint and the other for colours – lets keep this white areas pristine, not a muddy shade of white :Z

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