Spellbound nails

Delve into your Hidden Depths

Be Creative Hidden Depths give the ultimate in multi dimensional nail art. Bewitched and Spellbound were created to give you easy to embed media that makes your nails stand out.

These mesmerising products can be used as the main feature of your nails or as a background.

  • Bewitched is best cut into slices or shapes and embedded into your acrylic or gel
  • Spellbound can be embedded as a full piece as it has open spaces that your product can adhere through.

Delve into your Hidden Depths and explore your artistic side with Spellbound and Bewitched.

Spellbound and Bewitched as part of a clients nail service can add £5 to the clients overall payment! and there is. enough for 2 or more clients (2 clients minimum if doing full tip coverage)

Image of nails shown was created by Sam Biddle using Spellbound ‘Innocence’

Enjoy using your Hidden Depths!

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